The association Polish Women in Mathematics supports the development of mathematical sciences in Poland and contributes to raising the general level of mathematical knowledge. The main goal of PWM is to integrate the community and provide support to women working in the field of mathematical sciences and encourage them to build an active career in science. PWM intends to provide representation of the community of Polish women involved in mathematical sciences in society and to all state, private and local government bodies in the country and abroad.

According to § 6 of the Statute, the objectives of PWM are:

  • disseminating mathematics and related sciences, increasing the general level of mathematical knowledge in the society and supporting the development of mathematics in Poland;
  • striving for the right to equal opportunities and opportunities and equal treatment of women active in mathematical sciences; care for the dissemination of scientific results (achievements) obtained by women in mathematical sciences;
  • using expertise to support women in mathematics;
  • to protect the rights and position of women working in mathematical sciences; motivating women to build an active career in the field of mathematical sciences and supporting them in their professional career;
  • organizing meetings of women with similar scientific interests;
  • facilitating women’s scientific communication in the field of mathematical sciences;
  • representing the PTKM community in the society, before state authorities, local government, as well as other public and private organizations in the country and abroad;
  • cooperation with international mathematical organizations of women.
  • PWM bases its activities, and in particular the achievement of its goals, on the voluntary work of its members.